Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet Shabby Chic Table

Swweet Shabby Chic Table , Gate legged , Drop leaf and hidden leaf .It is a off white color with that classic shabby chic look ! It would be great for your palce @ the beach , your cottage , or in your breakfast nook . It is $125.00 and available now . come pick it up or we can deliever for little extra $$$ . Here is what you need to know ... It measures , with all the leafs down 23 " wide and 44 1/2 " long , With the out the hidden leaf 50 wide and 44 1/2 " long , All the leafs up 62 " wide and 44 1/2 " long . For any questions or more info. please feel free to call john 334 803 -1039 and Melissa 334 803 -1029 .

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keep on scrolling don't miss a thing

We have redone most of the blog so to see everything you will have to scroll down all the way ! Hope you enjoy your jounrey thur Off The Wallz Odd Ballz ! Thank you for your time ! Happy shopping !
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mural art for your home and business , inside and out ...

We so will travel to you do to do so. We don't limit you to just having muralz on your wallz . Have You thought of expanding that mural you have alwayz wanted to the floorz and ceilingz it can happen . Here are just a few samples ... Some are 2D and otherz are 3D.

Here it is some real retro fabulous vintage clothing

One of the NEW thingz that we are doing here @ Off the Wallz Odd Ballz is Vintage clothing . Never knew how many people are into vintage clothing and goodz . So do you want to have your house and /or business reflect your dressing style . Adn some of our art to mix match it all.
Yes , you ask did you have groovy men's vintage clothing . Yes, and adding to it all the time .
The newest thing is that we will be able to rent them out , custom orderz , and wholesale prices .
Anything from hatz ,glasses , shoez , dresses - sundresses , cocktail dresses . Men's vintage jacketz , shoez , glasses , hatz , bow tiez and vintage necktiez , and handpainted vintage tiez with tattoo flash designz .
Some of the stylez are ... Hippie , beatnik, rockabilly, etc.
The era clothing and goodz we deal in it 1920's-1970, some 80's.
If you are looking for something let us know . Are you planning a cocktail party? We can set you and your host up in some awesome vintage outfit and just rent / wear it to the party . Or are you and your girlfriend planning a party and don't knwo what to do for it ? Well have a vintage retro clothing party. We come to where you are having the party with the clothing and it is like playing grown up dress up . Try on outfitz, shoez , etc. and buy the onez you want and I will take back the others . The host of the party will get a free gift .
We are no long @ any mallz but are still dealing with these items . Just send us a message or talk to us on facebook.com/offthewallzoddballz or give us a jingle John 334-803-1039 and Melissa 334 -803-1029 .
Love love to do this and to be apart of this groovy life we are living !

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where we will be ...

We will be setting up @ Spring Furfest on April 9th,2011. We will be face painting as well ,we will have our groovy art.Everyone has asked us to bring our vintage and retro clothing , shoes ,and hatz . Also we will have our groovy and funky jewlery with vintage beadz.It will be held @ The Cottage Antiques on Brannon Stand and Fornter.
Fur so needs you to donate food for feeding al the cats that they feed . We all need to pull together and help the unwanted cats . If we would take the responseablies and not get pets then deside that we don't want them . I ask do you just deside you don't want your kids... And yes it is the same because as our kids are living being so are the animals we bring into our lives . How ever or what ever you believe in they are gods/mother earthes children . All living beings have a reason to be here on earth as we do . We all have to help each other weather it is humans, animals, or any living being/thing .
We need Venders only $10.00 a spot and that money goes to fur . You can sell whatever you want to , yard sale goods , antique,vintage and retro goods , it can be business or just personal . There will be homemade and homegrown goods ,art , The Cottage will be open for business and you can fine some special things for all year . Thank you Jane Ann (owner of the Cottage ) for letting this great event happen .
We do know other things are going on that same weekend but maybe just maybe you can squeekz us in as well ! Thank you for your support . For more info. please call Jane Ann @ the Cottage Antique 334-792-8804.Hurry and get your booth now ! WE HAD A GROOVY TIME HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE FALL !!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hey Off The Wallz Odd Ballz Friends and Family

Want to thank everyone for you support ! If it wasn't for all of you we wouldn't be where we are today !

John still has and is still buying and selling silver plate .Some of the best !

Silver plate is great for those cocktail parties , family gatherings , holidayz ,and much more

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vintage / Retro clothing

You can also find thiese on craigslist.com

We are still selling our groovy retro/vintage clothing. Bring them to you by appointment . We can do private vintage/retro clothing parties . Looking @ doing vintage/retro fashion shows in the furture.If you are up for any of this let us know . Yes, we have men and women clothing. Anything from hippie,beatnik,rockabilly,etc. Whatz availbal you ask... shoes,glasses,dresses ,tops purses,jackets,much more... Rent , wholesale , parties etc.

Some detailz on some of the vintage clothing ...Peggy Barker , union tag, 65% ploy and 35% cotton , size 9 , From the 60's , Off white with white lace ,turq, yellow , pink, and green flowers , awesome bell sleeves , Maix dress $45.00. Black beatles style hat $35.00. Much more ,message us for more info or call !

Groovy gift ideas ...

Some of our art and vintage/retro/and antique goods. We also are expanding our wholesale idems to all you venders . Yes, there is a minum . If you don't see something you are looking for let us know.